Dhamma Center

Traveling Monastery

The Upavana project has already begun nurturing Buddhist practice in Western Mass and abroad. In addition to online offerings, Tahn Pamutto is traveling around the Pioneer Valley. Wherever he stays he is encouraging meditation and giving what reflections and support he can.

One of the best ways to support or meet him personally is to make a meal offering (details on this page). On days without an arranged meal, you may see Tahn walking almsround for his day's meal in traditional style through your town center. If he is in your area, you can also invite him to stop by your place on his rounds.

The goal is to soon have a center to house meditations/retreats and shelter dedicated practitioners. Until then, we are looking for:

  • Suitable locations for the biweekly evening uposatha gatherings (with space for attendee's and internet)

  • A location for the June 25-27 meditation retreat (see more on Events page)

Any ideas or support are most welcome!

Dana Calendar

Buddhist monastics and those practicing on Eight Precepts eat only during the morning - from dawn to midday. Having nourished their body, they can direct the rest of the day towards practice.

One of the time-honored ways of supporting others' practice is the offering of the day's meal. This joyous act nourishes giver and receiver alike. This can be done three ways:

  • Inviting them to your place

  • Meeting them

  • Sponsoring a meal provided by another. This could also involve placing an order with a nearby shop or giving a gift card.

Any amount can be offered, and any time between 7AM and 12PM works. You can specify in advance what you would like to offer, if you intend to give a full day's meal or breakfast/lunch, and for how many people. The offering is an expression of your support and care for others, make it your own!

Until there is a center, monastics are traveling throughout the Pioneer Valley and will be in different areas at different times. These will be listed on the calendar when known.

To offer the meal, pick an open date from the calendar above and fill out the form below. Then, send an email to dana@upavana.org with the following info:

  • What Date and Time you would like to offer

  • What method (of the three above). Please specify where you would like to meet, or what you would like to offer if sponsoring a meal.

  • How best to get in contact and clarify/make further arrangements

May you be well and happy!