Upavana Virtual Events

Upavana is using ZOOM Meetings to host several online events during the week. These are free and open to the public.

To access the Upavana ZOOM meeting room, use this link:


Meeting ID: 657 807 9769

Passcode: upavana

To access with just a phone, visit: https://zoom.us/u/an61PRrrw

  • Tuesday:

      • 4-5 PM EST: Monastic Discipline Studies

      • For ordained monastics. Contact info@upavana.org by Email for details.

  • Wednesday:

      • 7-8 PM EST Tea With Tahn - informal dhamma chat and Q&A

      • 8-9 PM EST Wednesday Evening Group Meditation

  • Friday:

      • 8-9 PM EST Friday Evening Meditation

  • Full and New Moon Uposatha:

      • Upcoming: May 26, June 11, June 24/25

      • Every Full and New Moon (check blog posts for exact days) there will be an Uposatha program.

      • 8-8:45 PM EST Meditation

      • Optional taking of precepts

      • 9PM EST Dhamma talk

      • Until Midnight Informal group meditation

These sessions will now also be In-Person. Contact us via email for the location of the next session or to offer a location.

June Meditation Retreat - In Person/Online

We are also planning to hold our first In-Person and Virtual Weekend Retreat in the month of June. Meditation retreats are an invaluable way to develop our practice and will be an ongoing offering for Upavana. While there will be limited slots for In-Person attendance, the retreat will be offered online for free.

The projected dates of this retreat are June 25 (evening talk) until Sunday, June 27, at 5pm. The theme will be 'Anapanasati and Developing Samadhi'.

Making the retreat a reality will require bringing together a variety of resources. If you know of a location for a non-residential retreat, could provide or sponsor food for retreatants, or would like to attend please email us at info@upavana.org.